Appointment Of A New Managing Partner

Galilee Solicitors sets it's sights on fast tracking innovation technology with a new Managing Partner.

Simon Duke

Galilee Solicitors, leaders in the property and financial services industry in Australia, are pleased to announce they have appointed a new Managing Partner, Simon Duke.

Based in Sydney, Simon has more than 20 years’ experience in supporting retail lending clients with a focus on mortgages.

“I’m incredibly honoured to lead Galilee. One of the features of the pandemic has been a continued strong demand for the mortgage product - being able to witness how our team supports clients in navigating the many changes in how they meet that demand has made me very proud,” said Simon Duke.

Simon joined Galilee Solicitors as a Partner in December 2015 and brought with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in both the law and banking sectors. Since then, Simon, alongside the other Directors of Galilee have worked hard at delivering technologies which provide a quantum leap in terms of identity verification and assurance, with the aim to radically reimagine clients’ engagement with their customers.

“When I joined Galilee, we focused hard on process improvement, building a knowledge and accountability culture, and modernising our technology platforms. In the last two years we’ve raised our focus to digitisation and embedding customer-centricity, which I think, speaks to how far we’ve come as an organisation,” he said.

With full responsibility for the leadership and development of Galilee Solicitors, Simon will play a key role in meeting the company’s innovative growth goals as well as building on the firm’s outstanding reputation as Australia’s best and most trusted digital law firm.

“We already see ourselves as first and foremost a technology company. We are passionate about delivering an industry-best and fiercely customer-focused service infrastructure, but one whose rationale is ultimately to support our products. So, my mission as Managing Partner is more about re-aligning our service structure to support a vision which is already shared.”

After graduating with a degree in Law and Arts from the University of Sydney, Simon quickly established a reputation derived from a strong work ethic, unwavering focus and passion for helping others. Clients look to Simon for his practical approach and depth of knowledge on their commercial objectives.

Simon took over as Managing Partner from Cordell Smith in December 2020. This appointment allows Cordell to focus his efforts on technology innovation and the future of Galilee Solicitors in this rapidly evolving digital era.

“As Covid continues to fast-track the adoption and acceptance of technology, we are seeing more widespread adoption of digital documents and signing technologies – and we have some pretty exciting things happening this year around digital identity and online conveyancing,” said Cordell.